Marlborough, Massachusetts
Howe Shoe Factory Condominium is a four story building consisting of the original part (on the left side of the tower) and the new part (tower and the right side of the tower) with 18 units - 18 residential condominium units. There are 3 one-level units on the first floor, 10 two-level units on the second and third floors and 5 one-level units on the forth floor.

The original part of the building was built with post and beam construction and used 12x8 inch yellow pine beams and 3-inch thick Douglas Fir tongue and groove boards. While gut rehabbed in 2013-2014 all original beams and flooring have been carefully preserved and are exposed (seen on the ceilings) in the units located in the original part of the building. The new addition was built to match the heights of original floors and introduced the tower into the building to celebrate the heritage of S. H. Howe and the history of Marlborough shoe building architecture.

The rehab of the original part of the building included structural improvements to bring the building up to the current building code. The building is serviced by a new 3500lb elevator located behind the tower in the new part of the building, with stops on first, second and forth floors. There are two staircases on either side of the building with common areas on first, second and forth floors. The building has 100% new infrastructure and systems installed during the 2013-2014 redevelopment including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, wet fire protection, fire alarms, intercom and proximity access. All units have separately metered systems except shared water and sewer connections, with mix of ducted and ductless HVAC systems depending on the unit location. Ductless systems are used to allow maximum exposure of the original construction materials.