Marlborough, Massachusetts
Howe Shoe Factory Condominium Parking Each unit has two parking spaces - one deeded and one permitted (except units 101 and 102). Permitted spaces can only be used with permit issued by the Howe Shoe Factory Condominium Association. Permitted spaces are unassigned and used on first come first serve basis for permit holders. Parked vehicles are required to display parking permit in the windshield. Parking permit can be used for visitor parking or can be rented out to others. Diagrams on this page, show deeded parking spaces in yellow and permit parking spaces in green. Unit 102 has two deeded parking spaces and no permit. Office unit 101 has five deeded parking spaces and no permit. There are four guest parking spaces, allocated from the permitted spaces. (please see condominium rules and regulations for more information on the use of guest parking)
First Floor Units
101 102 103
Second and Third Floors Units
201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 210 212
Fourth Floor Units
401 402 403 404 406
Parking assignment
Parking Assignment Schedule